Name of logistics: Dongguan Xin Chen
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telephone number:137-2999-8079

More information:To provide complete customs services, where all kinds of goods such as: metal parts, machinery parts, chemical raw materials, clothing, tea, leather, cloth yarn, plastic products, all kinds of finished products, personal clothing, auto parts, skin care products and other goods import and export. The service flow I franchise Taiwan, the mainland cross-strait air export express delivery services, contract-free, approval, bonded transit, security and protection, to ensure that the security of the two sides of the declaration, the declaration of the details of the declaration Through-train operations throughout the legal declaration, the mainland customs clearance, customs clearance quickly, and aging fast. Parcel delivery courier to the mainland, allowing you to grasp the status of shipments at any time, sea delivery services to the mainland, the goods to us, is your most assured choice. Treasure the goods you carry, so that you can safely and quickly reach your destination.

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