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More information:YMT GLOBAL INC., A new international express service company registered in Silicon Valley, California, USA, is committed to the design and implementation of cross-border global e-commerce logistics solutions. Beihai International Express through the integration of upstream industry, foreign e-commerce business needs, international air cargo and the Chinese port of entry of resources; and through the Chinese General Administration of Customs, China State Post Office, inbound express ports and other relevant government regulatory authorities in-depth strategy Cooperation, through the online system of single, customs e-declaration, online customs duty payment, the whole state of tracking services for the current overseas to China's growing cross-border e-commerce market to provide efficient formal international personal express parcel declaration and delivery services. Since May 2010, Beihai International Express has opened a number of international express dispatch centers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Delaware, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Melbourne and Australia, Peihuo services. Operation for three years, has its low freight, stable and reliable service, the formal legal declaration of the international courier services in cross-border e-commerce industry has a good reputation. Beihai International Express in Los Angeles, New York and Delaware also have over 10,000 square feet of standard warehouse, combined with professional order management system, at the same time for a number of domestic and foreign electricity providers to provide warehousing on behalf of Peihuo services. Beihai international courier thousands of Pieces per day to complete the packing order, greatly accelerating the corresponding speed of cross-border e-commerce orders, improve customer experience satisfaction.

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