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telephone number:86-021-54471744

More information:XR EXPRESS is a professional company dealing in express, air, sea and related business. It mainly deals with various express, air and sea shipping services to Japan. It forms a line service from mainland China to Japan, providing services for mainland China and Japan. Object delivery provides a convenient, fast, safe, thoughtful channel. We provide quality services to help customers in mainland China and Japan to increase the business. Professional operation team, strict management mode, strong transport capacity, rich industry experience, comprehensive service network and smiling service attitude to the service quality consciousness, deep into every corner of the company to ensure high-quality completion of each transport task . At the same time, we have advanced information technology, to achieve a 24 small network tracking and monitoring of the entire operation, data sharing, to provide customers with the entire cargo status of the query service, so that customers really worry, peace of mind, rest assured.

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