Name of logistics: Fuzhou Sun Lei
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telephone number:13799957794

More information:UPS, DHL, FEDEX, EUB, E Express, the international green, shipping, air transport, and other one-stop logistics services business. Fuzhou Star Express Freight Forwarders Limited: Acting international courier, EMS, TNT, Since its inception, has been guided by strict service operation system, by setting up a modern transport platform and computer information network platform, not only to the eight customers at any time to meet the various requirements of delivery services, and customers with the design of logistics services program, the Warehousing, query and many other aspects of the whole process of global monitoring in a timely manner, at any time to provide customers with cargo tracking information feedback, so that your goods are monitored throughout. With the ever-changing market, we will continue to innovate to meet customer needs, relying on the company's own network on the basis of excellence, to "transfer to create value."

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