Name of logistics: Xu Long morning
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telephone number:4006806288

More information:????The company is headquartered in Jiasong Road 3299, near the Shanghai G15 Shen Hai high-speed, S26 Shanghai often high-speed, A9 Huqing Ping (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional freight transport, warehousing, distribution, shipping large transport company, Speed ??and convenient transportation. And the major shipping units are the formation of the transport mode of work, every day, all types of transport vehicles sent to all parts of the country and accepted throughout the country in major cities in the vehicle Lingdan, cargo shipping business, with the Treasury, for transit , The Company can undertake the transport business. Company services: "a reasonable price, fast speed, security, insurance, transport, door-to-door, home delivery, the company insured for you. Quality of survival, reputation and development, in good faith, warm Services, to meet customer requirements, "a friend calls around the country or to discuss business, and work together to create brilliant! (End)

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