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More information:Yuan Cheng Express Group is far into the Group of injection of capital. On June 18, 2014 the official operation, covering a comprehensive coverage of the domestic 31 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and counties under the jurisdiction of the region, has formed a comprehensive national network service platform. Yuan Cheng Express to advanced integrated service concept, as well as through the Internet, mobile terminal technology applications, focus on 【last mile service】, as far as shaping the new Express mode of service. Far-reaching Express is committed to building customer-centric, covering the express, express, large ticket Lingdan, vehicle and warehousing and other diversified business [China's latest integrated logistics services platform], through differentiated competition, improve market share, enhance Far into the brand value. Full use of far as the advantages of express resources, to provide customers with standardized, professional and intelligent logistics services experience. Yuan Cheng Express Group has a staff of more than 30,000 people, its own vehicles over 6,000 units, controllable vehicles nearly 20,000 Taiwan, the country's seven major regions, 42 branches, more than 190 transfer distribution centers, 1,100 dry branch bus lines , More than 6,000 standardized Direct stores, more than 2,000 franchise outlets, more than 100,000 collection points across the country. Customer satisfaction is far from the pursuit of adult forever. Far adult will be full of spirit, sincere attitude and far into a star service standards, to provide customers with more peace of mind, intimate, worry-free integrated logistics services.

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