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More information:The more abundant Logistics Co., Ltd. is a professional courier services of private enterprises, after several years of hard work, is to sound pragmatic pace to bold intellectual behavior, adhering to the "service-oriented, technology-first" corporate philosophy, insist on resources Optimize the allocation of the principle of building the logistics industry value chain for the Chinese logistics industry network management practice and exploration. The service network covers Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Rim region, Fujian Province and most parts of the country, involving international business, aviation and parts of the three cities. Your satisfaction, my pursuit, we uphold the business philosophy, the company actively introduce advanced management technology, improve the market service system. The company has high-quality management personnel, experienced professional operation team, modern computer management system, from orders, quotations, to receive, single, customs, transit, delivery, receipt, cargo tracking are full-time responsible person, Branches, offices, peer cooperation between the computer network communication between the implementation of the goods throughout the monitoring and inquiry in the rapid development of knowledge-based economy today, the logistics will be the abundance of excellence for the eternal pursuit of respect, respect for each A staff, in good faith for customer service.

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