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telephone number:0769-81156999

More information:?Dongguan City Express in Hong Kong Express Co., Ltd. in May 2005 set up express delivery network in Guangdong Province, mainly engaged in the Hong Kong transport, warehousing freight, customs clearance, Hong Kong and Guangdong Province, express mail delivery and logistics-related business. Guangzhou Expressway, Humen, Hong Kong three major express points of transit center, covers an area of ??50,000 square meters, the transit capacity of more than 60 million pieces of transit; the new completion of the opening of the Humen Center covers an area of ??30,000 Square meters, more than 10,000 square meters of operating platform, the transit transit 300,000. There are more than 350 express delivery and distribution outlets in Guangdong and Hong Kong, with thousands of people receiving and sending employees, tens of thousands of square meters of fixed business stores and warehousing areas. There are more than 16 tons of container trucks per day between Hong Kong and mainland China. More than 120 trunk lines, regional transport and delivery of vehicles more than 1,000 vehicles, delivery services covering the entire territory of Guangdong Province and Hong Kong and Taiwan regions to ensure that the shipment of transit and delivery time.

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