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More information:Shanghai Yuantong Express (Logistics) Co., Ltd. was established in May 28, 2000, is a large private express brand enterprises, committed to become the "leading industry development company" to "a national brand" as its mission to achieve "Yuantong Express - Chinese Express "for the goal. Always adhering to the "customer requirements, Yuantong mission," a principle of service and "integrity, pioneering and innovative" business philosophy. The company has 10 management areas, 58 transshipment centers, more than 5100 distribution outlets, more than 50,000 employees, covering more than 1,200 domestic cities. The company opened in Hong Kong, Macao, the Middle East and Southeast Asia green services. And registered in Hong Kong Cats Alliance Express (CAE) company, to carry out international express delivery business. Companies based on domestic and international-oriented, is committed to developing and developing international and domestic express delivery, logistics market. The company 's main parcel delivery business, including the formation of the same day the city, the regional day of the pieces, inter - provincial time - pieces and aviation sub - morning up to the afternoon of the next day and to pay the air, the collection of money, signing a return value - added services and other products. The company's services include warehousing, distribution and special transport and a series of professional courier services, and tailor-made courier programs for customers to provide personalized, one-stop service. Yuantong will also use self-developed "Yuantong logistics full information monitoring and management system" to ensure that each vote express time and safety.

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