Name of logistics: Shanghai Yongzhe
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telephone number:021-52303030

More information:Yongzhe was established in 1996, including the world's top 500, including the majority of corporate customers, providing a wide range of courier delivery services and industry supply chain solutions, "Yong Zhe Express mainly for the city courier, And also to undertake international and domestic express. Yongzhe "to Shanghai as a base, well-known Shanghai market and social culture, has a wealth of experience, the delivery of regional radiation national, scientific and standardized management system to ensure that the company's thousands of couriers have been professional training . "Yong-chul" is currently the largest professional courier company in Shanghai, the city has more than one hundred outlets, the network in the city's computer network, unified scheduling. Over the past 20 years by virtue of their good reputation and the spirit of professionalism for the majority of enterprise customers with city distribution services.

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