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More information:Guangzhou Zhenjie Logistics & Transportation Service Co., Ltd. is a business community dedicated to providing professional international courier service.Guangzhou Zhenjie Logistics & Transportation Service Co., Ltd. is located in Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Nigeria, Kenya and other African regions. Since then, more and more Chinese and foreign businessmen to share "Zhen Jie logistics" high-quality services. Zhen Jie logistics delivery gathered a large number of the Middle East, Africa, the elite of the express logistics industry, the implementation of modern operations management. "Giant architecture, From the network management philosophy to the e-based information management, billing and customer service system applications; from strict operational process management to unexpected emergency emergency response mechanism; from 50% annual business growth rate to the rapid expansion of the network From the flexible customer-oriented business model to keep its promise of professional aspirations, from the efficient core management team dedicated to the front-line employees; Zhen Jie logistics are reflected in the modern, international express delivery business style. Logistics (Zhenjie Express and Logistics), is a courier for the main business of air cargo company, currently in mainland China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Nigeria, Kenya and other African business outlets.Specialized management team with advanced management Model, so as the backbone of Zhenjie logistics strength of the courier, the rapid growth of China's private courier Jiaojiao who, and to the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Dubai, Nigeria, Kenya, based on five to build the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Dubai , Nigeria, Kenya as the center of the international express mail distribution center, to provide customers around the world fast, safe, high quality service.

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