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More information:China Railway Logistics Group (CRLG) was established in March 1993, is a modern integrated logistics service covering the business of electronic business services, warehousing, vehicle, Lingdan, highway, railway, finance, cold chain, customs declaration, trade, Enterprise groups, is currently the only domestic logistics industry chain and the full implementation of the modern integrated logistics enterprises. Group's Express, Express, storage park, highway port more than the national entity network, to create multi-platform linkage products and services to provide the basis for support, to promote the network, platform, product strategy layout. To the overall logistics solutions as the prerequisite, according to the needs of different attributes of customers, through the sub-positions, green, warehouse allocation, warehousing, transportation and modular modular approach to provide products and solutions with the warehouse. By the end of May 2016, there were 5,320 business outlets and 11,280 vehicles operating in China, with a total staff of 41,000 and warehousing management area of ??over 40 million square meters. In the United States, Britain, Russia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Nepal and Indonesia Countries and regions with overseas branches and a number of overseas warehouses for customers around the world to provide convenient, fast and safe integrated logistics services.

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