Name of logistics: GLSIT
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telephone number:02321010247

More information:At the time of evacuation of the carrier late - the company will try to transport packaging by any means lacking in the transport of the stuff, even without making reserves. Withdrawal and delivery of the ground floor, the sender and recipient, the exchange of street numbers - enough to transport the normal means, in addition to the provisions of international transport. On the ground or from several points of usual use, the local superior withdrawals and deliveries are considered to be benefits and additional services to the normal carriage of the contract and will therefore be agreed upon and subject to the terms of both parties and in view of the agreed tariff rates Unless otherwise agreed upon, shall be determined at the time of departure and charged to the sender. The Company may use the useless - electronic equipment to obtain a certificate of shipment and the shipper agrees not to defend the company, the latter will not The fact that the relevant information, including the recipient's execution, both provide written proof of delivery of maintenance and storage in electronic and not paper.

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