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More information:On the surface mail: surface mail is a letter in the postal and parcel services in general. Including ordinary mail (that is, ordinary) and ordinary parcels, send time is relatively slow. Surface mail is the slowest business in any postal delivery business. The basic meaning: Surface is the slowest but affordable, the country 7 days to 30 days, surface mail unlike courier door-to-door, postman prior notice will be sent to your regular mail home mailbox or guard, users need to notice and The recipient's identity card to the nearest post office to receive parcels; postal parcels are divided into domestic parcels and domestic express parcels, the domestic ordinary parcel the slowest, domestic express parcel slightly faster. Domestic express parcels according to the provisions of the different regions and different items. Some delivery parcels, some delivery parcels (in kind). For example, Beijing 5 ring is the delivery package (in kind), outside the ring is a single parcel delivery, the recipient needs to receive their own post office. If the package is marked as fragile or for insured goods, etc. are required to receive their own post office. Mail or parcels need to know the exact postal code, address, name and contact details of the recipient and sender in order for the postal system to be properly delivered or returned.

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